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Supernatural rewatch » Sam, Interrupted

- I mean, apocalypse or no apocalypse…monsters or no monsters, that’s a crushing weight to have on your shoulders. To feel like six billion lives depend on you…God…how do you get up in the morning?

-That’s a good question.

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Rerelease and #Giveaway: The Beast’s Redemption by Angie Derek

A steamy modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Cursed shape shifter, Alexander Léandre, is resigned to his fate, but that doesn’t stop him from hunting down the descendants of the sorceress who bewitched him in hopes of obtaining a cure.

Belle Beaumont is used to men never looking past her curvy figure and pretty face. She dutifully agrees to befriend Alexander in order to protect her father’s herbal company.

A single touch changes all. Passions flare. When Belle discovers what Alexander is truly after and why, will she accept him for what he is? And will her love and family knowledge be enough to break a hundred-year-old curse?

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Movie Monday Recap

Bizarre is the best description I can come up with. It really is a Musical and Slasher movie in one.

Dated with the female stuff. But still cute and good family entertainment. Though I admit to wondering about the happiness of the animals on the ship - they don’t look to happy in several of the scenes.

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