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June Cutie Recap! Who was your favorite for the month of cuties? #chrispratt #jensenackles #michaelbiehn #chrisevans #channingtatum #addisontimlin #jeremyrenner #tomburlinson #hayleymills #joshhutcherson #elijahwood. Shoot won’t let me upload the picture of Tom Burlinson from Return from Snowy River with the rest.

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Movie Monday Recap

I’ve watched this movie 4 times this week and I am not what you’d call a race car movie fan. Seriously, I love this movie. I’m not sure why except I love the dynamic between the characters.

Robin Williams. Need I say more?

Wonderful drama. Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson are wonderful.

Just couldn’t get into it. So tired of the reliance of CGI to tell stories in these large movies. Plus, Noah was not likeable, would have been happy for him to be washed away in the flood.

I can’t really think of much positive to say about this movie - except I think most of the actors did try.

Not sure what I think. I didn’t particularly like it, but I wouldn’t say it was bad.

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